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Everyone loves a backstory, so here's a bit of the story behind what evolved into J & J Art Glass Designs.

Thirty plus years ago, my husband, Jason began to learn the craft of stained glass thanks to a nun at his school. He later refined his skills based on tutoring from a local stained glass craftsman.  Over the years, he has executed numerous pieces based on request.

One of those requests came from me.  I've always been fascinated with the unique style and beauty that stained glass can bring to interior design.  At the time, we were friends, and I had asked him to build me panels for my door's sidelights.  Little did I know where that journey would take us and how our unique talents could blend together to create something even more extraordinary.

Jason brings to the table highly skilled engineering and build skills.  He comes from a family where they pride themselves on building things to last.

Where I came in was adding the extra spice to an already solid base.  I could see the artistry that existed in the glass itself, and how the melding of different colors and textures could bring the overall piece to life.  While my husband would prefer I didn't, I also stretch the design limits to what is 'buildable' and let him use his stellar skills to figure out how to actually accomplish it.

After years of us working together, the next chapter of our lives begin with the formalization of J & J Art Glass Designs. I've enjoyed flexing my business and project management skills over the last few months putting together a model where we can offer our products and services on a larger retail scale.

Thank you for being part of our journey! 

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